Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lack of updates

Well, I know, I'm not really updating my translation or my tools those times, and I'm sorry 'bout that.
I'm just working on so many things at the same time....For exemple: I'm workin' on a project called "OpenKH" with Xeeynamo, first KH2FM translator, which will basically allow us to launch every kh game on a computer without emulator etc... with built-in editors, reversed engineered motors etc...This will basically allow the fans to create fangames and/or mods really quickly. But this is takin' some time, for now most of the texture formats are supported and I'm workin' on the sound/music format of kh2(BGM, WD and SEB ). The BGM format is ~finished and I even have a MIDI2BGM converter! OpenKH is open source and available here
I'm workin' too on a total kh1 translation, and even an hd port of the assets of kh1.5!

So, I'm sorry but I consider my translation as approximatively finished so I'll work on him when I'll have the time to.

On those words, see ya for the next updates ;) (and future release of my tools)

EDIT: My HDD is dead and corrupted, I'll try to recover my files but I'm not sure I could repair the files used for the translation

EDIT2: My HDD is officially DEAD. I need to buy a new one, but I am able to extract files of my french translation, it will just take some time to reorder all of them... 

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