Saturday, May 10, 2014

And....I'm back

Hey, that's me again, and I'm finally really back for some news =D. So what am I workin' on those times? Well......I'm working on a KH1FM_Toolkit? :p

Yup, I am finally at 100% into kh1. I am trying to reverse this game but square fucked up many things inside, I don't even know how they suceeded to hide some files inside their iso ~.~. They just fucked up their LBA.
But this means too that a new translation's slowly comin'...
For my translation of KH2FM, Many things:
  • I repaired all mistakes I did with the voices, no more bugs with them
  • I will redo some textures and some text in the near future
  • All missing textures will be in not so long patched
  • A fandub will maybe be added for exclusive scenes. 
Yup, that's right, a fandub. For now it's just an idea but maybe, one day, it'll become reality^^.
I rethinked and did so many cleanups on my toolkit too, that now he have practically no part of the original 1.0 release(which was still private at the time but anyways). Oh and btw I just modified my patch file format and x10hosting, my private database, was doin' shits when I was trying to upload some files, which linked us to some problems for apply the VOICES2.0FINAL patch. Normally all's corrected now.

I, as ya can see, moved to windows 8 too. What did I want to say for him:
  • interface: OK, maybe they can think to do a little effort sometimes, this could be better...
  • Stability: Holy shit that's fuckin' more stable than W7! Oh wait...What's this W8.1Update?NOOOOO this update is as stable as Windows ME ;_;
  • "Modern" interface: Well not bad, really I like it, they did a good job on him, pretty good for once.
For the OpenKH project, I'm still hoping Xeeynamo will have less work one day but for now, not really workin' on it(at least directly).

I don't have so much free time too, which means that it could take long to correct somethings on my translations/tools. I'm sorry about that.

Well that's all for this time, so nothing more to say than:

See ya, Govanify, the KH romhacker


  1. Hello and many thanks for your tool, you think can support "Kingdom Hearts I Chain Of Memories" ? I try unpack them and no lucky, so well maybe you can take a look into that please, really grateful for your effort, take care and have a nice day.

    1. Well my tool's created for KH2 or KH1, depending of the one ur usin', not for other games^^"
      As for COM are ya talkin' 'bout Re:COM, which is a ps2 game or COM, which is a gba game? not the same structure at all