Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer vacations and still no time...

Well I'm finally on vacations and...I don't have that much time, yay...~.~

W/e I worked on a lot of things lately, first, ya can thanks SoraikoSan for the original version of the sofr(even if he tooked some sources of other soft I gave to him but anyways)
Can modify textures, the loaded parts of them, their appearance in-game etc....
On another side I'm working on a game. Well 2 for be exact. I'm the english translator of both, tester of the 2nd and will surely be the co-programmer too. I'll let ya without that much info for now... ;3

I'm working on a KH1FM translation(I already made a buggy toolkit, ya can have it here )but I really don't want to work on it for now, got pics to show, but don't want to.

I'm working on a RE:COM translation(what, this was to be expected?)and this is the simplest KH game I've ever seen so far, here's a pic

Excepted that I'm working on other things that I'm keeping as a secret. Oh yeah and I updated the hashlist of my Toolkit, now ya can have more file w/ their real names ;)

Don't have that much to say, just got 2 cool pics I can share so I did it. See ya then for the next news ;)

GovanifY, the guy that can't even have 10 fucking minutes of free time for now.

P.S: Oh ya I beated Lunatic mode of touhou 11 on this comp' =D
 (there's only 2 b\c the last one was my first try and when I'm losing a life before some pattern alt + f4 directly)


  1. that first tool is awesome, any chance it's going to be released?

    1. Yup, it's going to, but if ya know how many tools I have for kh2 I've never released...(more than 20). I want to have finished tools first, so for this one adding a previewer in the soft itself(and not a PCSX2 ramhack(thx Sorai :3)) and a way to modify the in-game look of those animations.
      Since all of this will be finished I'll redesign the soft and publish it there, be sure of that ;)

  2. Any news on the release of this tool? : )

    1. Welp can't release it for now, sorry. Also still buggy. But anyways, I prefer something to be done first.