Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Reversing step

Feels like an eternity I didn't wroted anything there...

So let's begins by the beginning: I'm in a HUGE reversing step atm on KH2, since I'm trying to mod animations and 3d models. I would like to thanks kkdf2 for this, you really are a cool guy ;)

So, excepting KH2 I'm working on:
  • A BBSFM translation in french
  • A RE:COM translation in french
I don't gave up on the KH1FM one but I got really bad issues w/ my toolkits I just can't repair for now, so you'll have to wait.

Just fyi, for the next 2 translations I quoted a little bit upper there's not gonna hav ANY TOOLKITS for the beginning. Only custom patchers.
Why wouldyou say? then because I made my own BBS extractor by reversing partly the LBA, but, like I said, he is partly reversed, and still doing shits, so there will be surely only one patcher.
As for re:com, well...he don't have any LBA. So for patching I'm kinda in the shit.

I don't wanted to tell ya much more, just that I'm going to share new tools in not that long so stay tuned and, even if this is a little news, understand that I'm still working.

See ya later!, GovanifY

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